Orange County Boot Camp Shares Clients Story


What’s up No Limit family,

Thank God it’s Monday! I know most don’t agree but I look forward to Monday to get back in here with everyone and get the party started at No Limit!

This week I have a story about a client who we literally forced to share her story. I actually want to thank two other women in the boot camp she works out with that convinced her to share because she’s progressed tremendously and her story is inspiring and a lot can relate. So, Kathleen and Amanda, THANK YOU! Thank you for being encouraging, friendly and for always having a positive attitude! Oh ya, and for being good sports when we make fun of you… We really appreciate you 🙂

This client might get mad at me because I might embarrass her  but it’s ok 🙂 She’s EXTREMELY shy, would always hide in the back and never talk to anyone when she first started. I even think I scare her sometimes when I yell across the gym to say hi. Whoops!

She was struggling at the start but was ALWAYS here, never complained and worked hard every workout. Now she’s made so many friends, she kills it at boot camp and doesn’t hide anymore! She’s still super shy but it’s ok, we’ll get her to break one day!

Here’s her version she emailed me…. VERY INSPIRING! I’m proud of you Maricel, it’s clients like you that remind me whyI do what I do and remind me why I love doing this. It’s also your story that motivates many to get up and make a change to be better.YOU ROCK!


Here’s Maricel….

When I first started, I could not run, jump rope, and do push up exercises. I was virtually out of gas after the warm ups.  A month into the program, I started noticing that I had more energy and was able to go thru the workout routines with a little more ease. 

     I lost my first 8 lbs after a month.  I would always wear large sized shirts and blouses, to ” hide in”, but in a month’s time I went down to a medium, going from a size 10 to a size 8. This is me just attending 3 times a week! I gained some confidence in myself that when a friend of mine invited me to join a 5k run in November, I enthusiastically said yes.a242af229cf1ea43a4ea969f9f91c093

     The following month I started coming more often and was running on the treadmill at home .  I can go on and on about my progress, but I think the results speak for themselves. No Limit Bootcamp has really changed me in so many ways!

      I’ve lost 15 lbs since September.  I’m now down to a size 2 in my pant size and can fit in XS sized shirts ( I’m still pinching myself!). My cholesterol level has gone down, and my blood pressure has stabilized to a more normal level. I’ve received a lot of compliments from both friends and relatives which makes the hard work all worthwhile .

Would I recommend it? A resounding YES!!  I tell friends to try it because it works.  I’m living proof that it does! 

What I really like about No Limit…

Friendly staff and members, clean facilities , combination of indoor and outdoor workouts, and best of all, the trainers are very motivating and not intimidating.  


No Limit isn’t just about a workout…it’s about the experience 🙂 We’re not a gym, we’re a transformation center. We don’t see you as a transaction, we see you as family. If you don’t believe me, come see for yourself.


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