Orange County Personal Trainer Lists 3 Steps to a Shirtless Summer


Summer is around the corner, are you working on your summerbody yet?

If you are… job well done, stay consistent and keep working hard. If you’re part of that lazy crowd that ‘s always looking for the next best crazy fad diet that can get you the body of your dreams stop looking you wont find it.

If you still haven’t started, aren’t sure where to start or plan on getting started here are some tips to speed up the process to that shirtless summer.

Weight Train Three or More Days A Week

Most people always overlook the weight training aspect thinking if they load up on cardio or just not eat they will look awesome for summer. That’s crap!

Weight training will build muscle, make everything tighter, help you drop more fat, burn more calories then the boring forms of cardio you do and definitely help you get that body that turns heads at the beach 🙂

Shoot for 3 days a week no more than 45-60 minute workouts. The best exercises would be moves that use multiple body parts such as squats and deadlifts. Try to keep rest periods to no more than 60 seconds

Higher Intensity Cardio

No more walking on the treadmill! No more laying on the recumbent bike! Get on the treadmill and run as fast as you can for 20-30 seconds follow by a 30 second break. Jump on the stair mill and actually go at a pace where you cant have a conversation. Jump rope 15 minutes a day. By switching this up you will not only burn more calories during the workout you will burn more calories throughout the day and spare muscle in the process.

Stop Eating Crap

9 lbs….9 stinking pounds! That’s what I gain in a cheat day, it’s crazy! Between the overload of junk food, water retention and overeating in one cheat day I gain about nine pounds. Just think what’s happening to you when you do it on a regular basis.

Here are some quick suggestions. If it contains white flour, DON’T EAT IT! If it has sugar avoid it as much as possible. If it’s processed, stay away. A little theory I go by ONLY EAT IT IF YOU CAN PICK IT OR KILL IT!


Here is a little extra for you to print and apply immediately.

You want your weekly strength program to look like this..

Monday: Upper and lower bodyweight workout
2 sets of Bodyweight Squats, 50 reps each
2 sets of Pushups, 25 reps each
2 Sets of Alternating Lunges, 15reps per leg
2 Sets of Low Row for the back , 12 reps

Wed: Lower body with weights and Core
3 Sets of Leg press, 25 reps each set
2 sets of Leg extensions, 15 reps
2 sets of Leg Curl 15 reps
2 sets of Crunches 25 reps
1 set Forward plank 1 min hold

Friday: Upper body with weights and core
3 sets of Chest fly, 15 reps each
2 sets of Chest Press, 7 reps
2 sets of Shoulder press, 8 reps
1 set of lateral raises, 15 reps

2 sets of ball back extentions , 15 reps
2 sets of hanging leg lifts, 15 reps
2 sets of ball crunches 20 reps

High Intensity Cardio Schedule

Tuesday: Jump rope
20 seconds Max skips
10 seconds rest
Then Repeat 8 more times

Thursday: Stationary Bike Burn
20 seconds Sprint w/ medium resistance
10 seconds Slow peddle rest w/low resistance
Repeat 8 more times

Your Weekly grocery check list:

Protein- lean sources
– chicken breast
– lean steak
-whole eggs
– egg whites
-protein powders
– fish

Carbs complex sources:
-whole grains
-legumes or veggies.

Healthy Fats
-olive oil
-Natural unprocessed peanut butter
– fish oil


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