Orange County Personal Trainer Shares Incredible Clients Story


Yo yo yo!

It’s my favorite part of the week. Monday Motivation!


This week it’s about a client I personally work with(yes I love bragging about my clients! lol)… If you’ve seen her at the gym, you know who she is and you can’t miss her! I don’t even think she breaks 5 feet, is always covered in pink and wears the coolest socks. We love her!
She’s one of the reasons why I LOVE what I do. She’s living proof that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE if you put your mind to it, work hard and stay consistent. The smallest person in the gym and fearless! I swear she’s on crack sometimes but I have yet to prove it lol. She’s nuts!

DETERMINED. One word to describe her. She not only transformed but she’s inspired others, encourages others and ALWAYS has a smile on her face. I’m amazed at some of her accomplishments AND she’s still getting better!

For you women out there saying “I’M TOO OLD”…I think that excuse won’t work anymore. She’s 46 and in the best shape of her life! If she can do it, there’s no reason why you can’t give it a try. Yup…I’m calling you out 🙂

Check out below as she shares her story…



Jennifer Langenwalter- Age 46

Full time work and 3 kids

Weight lost since joining no limit as of today 14 lbs as of photo 16

I joined no limit last April and it has changed my life and changed my body.  I was looking for something challenging in a group setting to go too early in the mornings to get into a better fitness routine.  The initial goal was to lose weight and lower my body fat and get a healthier lifestyle.  I happened upon a groupon last march for a bootcamp 7 mins from my house and could not believe it. I was so happy.  I went 6 days a week for the entire first month and was hooked. 

I could barely do a pushup when I started.  I have always been a runner which came in handy here, but had no body or core strength, only in my legs.   My goals were purely physical at first, but what I got out of it was life changing.  I have had several injuries from the zero to hero approach, but No Limit helped me through all of them.  Pulled hamstring, thrown out back/pelvis, tennis elbow, and the lovely pulled peck/rib muscle.  I joined PT side during my first injury and now have learned how to train smarter and prevent injuries.  I can now do over 100 pushups, assisted pull-ups, tire flips, crazy sled stuff and so much more.  I am doing more than I ever dreamed of !



I now sleep through the night and have given up all sleeping meds, I have completely transformed my body and actually feel young and energetic again.  My self esteem is at an all time high.  My strength, weight and endurance are all personal bests. I got back to my wedding weight,  and I am the fittest I have ever been since high school.  What I also did not plan on was to care so much about the trainers and especially Sako.  I also have made 3 life-long friends, which is like icing on the cake. 

It is such a positive, caring and joyful environment you can’t help but get addicted!!!   Get off your booty and come join us!!!! 


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