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Some of you might not know him yet and those that do, probably didn’t know he was one of my first clients I trained when I went to train on my own after leaving the big box gym. Well this week’s motivational is about someone that is a part of our program and is one of our awesome trainers.

Alan Malkin, also known as “big red” was a client I worked with 4 years ago when he was 17 years old. Today he is now a part of No Limit as on of our trainers helping others get in shape and improve their lives.

For those of you that know Alan and work with him at No Limit know he’s quite the joker, is always making ridiculous comments that don’t make sense and also has an interesting choice of outfits he wears. He even followed through when losing a bet against me and wore a pink outfit for an entire day. Who does that??? Well besides all that, here are a few things you might not know about him.

  • When Alan was a client he NEVER missed a workout,gave 110% every workout, never complained and did everything I asked of him. The outcome? He gained 18 lbs AND dropped body fat and went from scrawny to studly
  • Alan inquired about working for No Limit 2-3 times before I even returned a call. I ignored him, put meeting with him off for weeks but he never stopped contacting me. Most people would quit after one try, Alan didn’t
  • I put Alan through a four week training process and put him through hell only to be considered for hire, he didn’t quit. He was determined, he went above and beyond everything I asked
  • Alan spends no less than
  • 10 hours a day at the facility even if he only has a few clients. He’s always offering to help out and do any type of work necessary to help the business and wants zero pay in return for extra work
  • Alan works out most days twice a day and rarely misses a workout
  • He has NEVER backed down from any challenge that’s been presented
  • He absolutely loves working with every client he has and genuinely cares about every single person in our program
  • Alan ALWAYS has a positive attitude and is always encouraging
  • He is extremely passionate about what he does. All his jokes aside, he is willing to do whatever it takes and willing to put in countless hours to become successful.
  • He’s up by 6am almost every day
  • He doesn’t have a degree and didn’t graduate college. Most employers would never give him a chance. What he does have is heart, determination and passion. You can’t show that on a resume or a degree. You can’t teach that, with those three you can accomplish incredible things.
  • He’s always asking for books to read to learn more and to constantly get better

How is this a Monday Motivational?

To some of you it might not seem like much, but I forgot to mention he just turned 22 this past Friday. Most people his age are always partying, sleeping in past 10, have no idea what they want or still at a junior college with no vision for their future. Sounds harsh, but it’s the truth. It’s hard to find quality people these days, I think we got lucky at No Limit.

So all jokes aside, Alan is one of the hardest working, determined and passionate 22 year olds I know. I’m excited to have him on board and glad he’s a part of the No Limit family. So don’t always judge a book by it’s cover, it’s what’s inside that matters.

You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great!

Here is his Facebook page, you should add him and wish him a happy belated birthday—-> Alan Malkin “Big Red” Facebook Page

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