Placentia Boot Camp Has A New Take On Saturated Fat


These days we are constantly told that to reach our fitness goal we need to eat right, make sure we are eating the proper fats (i.e. good fats). For so long that was considered unsaturated fats also known as monounsaturated (MUFAs) which can be found in avocado, olive oil and polyunsaturated (PUFAs) found in sunflower and corn oils, as well as omeg-3s in salmon and walnuts. The culprit to all your weight loss issues is saturated fat or so we have been told to believe. Recent research has shown that this is not necessarily true; instead of making just one chemical in food the focal point we need to start looking at the overall package it comes in. Here are some steps you can take to make sure you don’t overdo it when it comes to eating saturated fats.

Whole foods are your friend: if most of your intake is nutrient rich produce like whole grains, nuts, beans and fish, then you should not have a problem with saturated fat.


Overkill not recommend: saturated fat may not be the villain we once thought it was, but it still doesn’t offer the same benefits as unsaturated fats. So still cut out or have a limited intake of butter and red meat; fish, beans and lentils are healthier options.

Low-fat diary: these products have fewer calories but the same amount of calcium and vitamin D as the versions with the full fat content.

Halo effect: organic creams are still CREAM and still packed with calories stay away! Products labeled “no saturated fat” can still be packed with sodium, sugar, and refined flour don’t let it fool you into thinking otherwise.

Sometimes you feel like a nut: vegetable oils (canola and olive) are still better for you than the coconut oil.

Guilty party of trans fat: these are extremely bad for you and are mostly in processed food, it is in your best interest to stay away from anything that has “partially hydrated oils” the translation TRANS FAT.

       Carbohydrates: eating fruit and vegetables is one of the best ways to get in your daily dose of carbs vs. desserts and crackers.

Someone say chocolate: dark chocolate is delicious and an ounce every day is actually beneficial because it is loaded with antioxidants that help prevent cell damage. So indulge!

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