Placentia Personal Trainer Gives Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight


Not seeing the results you were looking for? Chances are one or more of these reasons are preventing you from hitting your goal.

Not Drinking Enough Water: Drinking water before a meal helps inspire portion control. In addition, eating foods that hold a lot of water (like fruits and veggies) will fill you up faster, causing you to eat less. A study found that drinking cool water can boost the metabolism and suppress cravings for drinks that contain a lot of sugar like soda and juice.

Over-eat Healthy Food: Nuts, avocados, whole wheat pasta, olive oil, and dark chocolate are all natural and healthy, but they are not void of calories. You still need to watch how much you eat of the good stuff.

You ONLY Do Cardio: Weight lifting is an essential component of a well-rounded work out regime. It can help prevent injury by strengthening the joints, but also builds muscle mass and increases metabolic rate. As a result of increasing your metabolism; you will keep burning calories long after you have finished your workout.

Exercise On An Empty Stomach: When you work out on an empty stomach, research shows that the calories burned come from muscle, not fat. Since muscle burns more calories than fat, the more muscle mass you have, the better it is for weight loss.




Not Enough Sleep: You need additional energy to keep up with your exercise routine, and not getting enough sleep can affect your body’s ability to control its appetite: insufficient shut-eye can increase appetite-stimulating hormones.



Eating While Standing UP: Standing at the fridge or the counter does not save you time or energy. It can actually lead to mindless eating. Try to designate a time for snacking and meals that is set apart from other activities.



Don’t Eat Enough: Do not starve yourself to save calories for later. It will only mess with your metabolism. Possibly resulting in you eating more later in the day than you would if you were not starving.


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