Quick Full Body Warmup To Reduce the Risk For Injury


A lot of you are getting back into the gym after the new year and starting to workout more consistently. It’s extremely important to stay injury free so that you can continue training in the gym all year long and crush those goals. One of the best ways to do this is to have a good warm-up that allows you to open up your mobility and stability of a lot of your joints in order to train more efficiently and effectively. 

Here’s a quick 6-exercise warm-up you can use for any workout to get you primed for anything you’re about to do in the gym:

-Elevated Pigeon Pose: x 45 s each side- This is to open up your hips a get a new short-term range of motion

-Med-Ball T-Spine Extensions: x 10 reps- This is to open up the upper back. We sit all day long so the muscles in this position often can get stiff and weak so this will loosen them up before we workout.

-Spider Man Lunge w/ Rotation x 8 reps each side. – This is to dynamically open up your hips and work on rotation of your trunk, which is the basis of all movement in the upper body.

-Bent Over Shoulder W’s x 10 reps- This is to now load the shoulders slightly into external rotation, which is a demand for a lot of exercises we do, but one that also gets weakened when we sit for long periods of time.

-KB Crosswalk x 50 feet for each arm. -Challenges the stability of the shoulder overhead and gets the core to start working.

-Walking Lunge w/ a Sprinters Pose x 20 steps each leg- This challenges all motions of the hips as well as stability going through those ranges of motion. It’s important to take slow and focus on balance

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