Top 5 Reasons Adults Don’t See Progress With Their Gym Workout Program


Here are the top 5 reasons why adults often don’t see progress in their workout programs:

1. Inconsistent Consistency: One of the key reasons for the lack of progress is inconsistent adherence to the workout program or routine. Skipping workouts, not having a consistent schedule, and not following a program as recommended can hinder results.

SOLUTION: Find a workout partner, accountability coach, or even a gym to join with a supportive community to hold you accountable.

2. Plateau Effect: Over time, the body adapts to the same workout routine, leading to a plateau in progress. Without the proper planning when it comes to program design it may be difficult to break that plateau.

SOLUTION: Not sure where to start? Reach out to an expert coach or personal trainer to help you with program design. You’ll remove the guesswork and expedite the progress.

3. Unbalanced Nutrition: Working out and proper nutrition go hand in hand. Poor eating habits, inadequate nutrition, or not aligning one’s diet with fitness goals can negate the efforts put into workouts and limit progress. Nutrition plays a HUGE role in progress.

SOLUTION: There is a TON of nutrition information out there. Some is great, some…not so much. Some of our members have seen amazing results and have created lifelong habits with this guide. You can have it, at no cost to you! 


4. Lack of Progressive Overload: Progressive overload is essential for muscle growth and strength gains. Not increasing the weight, reps, or intensity of exercises as the body adapts can impede progress and limit your progress.

SOLUTION: This goes hand in hand with #2, by hiring a coach you remove all of the guesswork. If you do it on your own, aim to increase the weight every week in your 4-6 week program. If you cannot go up in weight, try to add a set or get more reps out each week.

5. Underestimating Recovery: This one is often overlooked by many. Recovery is when the body repairs and grows stronger. Insufficient rest on non-training days, lack of sleep, and not allowing time for your body to recover can lead to burnout and decreased performance.

SOLUTION: Set a time to go to bed every night at aim for 7-9 hours of sleep. Go on a walk on your off days, get sunlight, Meditate or practice breathing techniques. Do something fun or even light mobility work on your off days.

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