Ways to increase the metabolism naturally


  • Increase the amount you eat – I do not mean calorie wise but it is effective to eat regularly. When food is consumed regularly, the body must undergo dietary thermogenesis and use up calories to digest food. This is an important daily process so take advantage of it. Dietary thermogenesis accounts for around 10% of the daily calories burnt per day. Eating regularly will heighten this percentage. Try to eat every three hours or up to six times per day. Test yourself on a scale of 1-10 (one very satisfied and ten ravenous). Eat when you feel at number 7.
  • Eat breakfast every day – During sleep, the body is in starvation mode. The best way to get the metabolism running again is to eat breakfast. Many people believe that missing breakfast will help them lose weight but it has the opposite effect. The metabolism will eventually slow down. To cause a deficit in calories it is important that the metabolism remains high. Breakfast is a good habit and should be maintained. Try to consume foods high in protein but low in fat. Protein is filling.
  • Kelp tablets – The thyroid gland rules the metabolism. Kelp tablets contain iodine, which is an essential component that helps the thyroid gland work efficiently. It does not taste or smell nice but it is cheap and works effectively. A side effect with too much iodine in the diet is it may trigger acne in some people.
  • Activities – Exercise and activities helps to burn up to 30% of the daily calories consumed so the more activities or exercise that is performed the better. Everything counts – shopping, hoovering, hand washing, dish washing by hand, brushing teeth, turning over the TV by hand, and fidgeting, to name just a few. All of these simple daily activities burn calories. Walking is a fantastic way to raise the metabolism naturally and works the muscles of the buttocks, thighs, calves, and stomach. Take advantage of the calories burnt and carry out more activities. Do you really need to use the car for everything or could you walk? Walking also helps to clear the mind and releases endorphins.
  • Love hot food – Chillies contain capsicum. This causes the body to rise in heat and therefore forces the body into thermogenesis mode. Some dietary supplements cause this but they are expensive and usually need to be taken in conjunction with a high protein or calorie controlled diet. Chillies may also speed up the symptoms of a cold.

  • Increase muscle – The more muscle there is in the body the higher the metabolism. Try to carry out two or three sessions of resistance training per week. This will help to drop excess fat.
  • Basal Metabolic Rate – These are the current calories burnt by the body at rest and accounts for 60%. Link the three together and take advantage with an increased natural metabolism.

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