Work Hard, Party Hard Celebration With Orange County Personal Trainer and The Shake Weight Guy


Yup, the title says it all…Weird coming from the trainer who is always talking about eating right, working out and living a healthier life, but I am human and I do believe in rewarding yourself. Above is the team of No Limit trainers.

Recently we had our No Limit party for winning best personal training and boot camp business in Orange County by My Fox LA’s ch.11 OC HOTLIST 2 years in a row! I’m not going to lie, our clients sure know how to party!

It was a night filled with food, music, dancing, alcohol infused whipped cream and even the shake weight guy! Yup, the actually guy who’s on the shake weight commercial shaking that funky looking dumbbell showed up and celebrated with us.

Our boot camp and personal training programs all came together for one massive cheat night and celebration, and I KNOW s

ome of you made the most of it! It was my secret client retention technique…feed them tons of unhealthy food and they will come back to lose it. haha TOTALLY KIDDING!



The room was filled with nothing but positive people, and people that want to improve their lives each and every day. We had clients such as Jacob who had lost nearly 100 lbs in 18 months, Cindy who is by far the fittest mom in Orange County, Liz who is in her mid 50’s and is one of the hardest working clients we have who is also one of the most consistent clients. Then we move on to clients such as Ashley who had a total transformation and looks like a totally different person, Alicia who weighs barely over 100 lbs and in her mid 40’s who leg pressed over 600 lbs last week. On to the the group of girls who go by “The BHOTT’s”… Combined in one month they put together the most incredible numbers in inches lost. Ok I could go on forever and I do love bragging about our clients but if you want to see more check out our website

Some of you reading this were at the party and I don’t know about you but I had a blast with all of our clients. I don’t see you as just clients, you are like an extended family. There is no better feeling than being in a room full of people that we were able to help improve their lives. Celebrating that night with you and coming together after countless hours in the gym or at boot camp working your butts off. We’re not only about workouts and eating right, were all about building lasting relationships in the process and helping you improve your overall quality of life.

A lot of my clients have helped me become a better person. So you are more than just a client, you’re a friend as well. I’ve learned a lot from each and every one of you and I am extremely thankful to have you in my life.

You ALL are incredible people and are the reason why we are #1 in Orange County…you make us look good ? THANK YOU!

This night was intense, it was cool hanging out with the shake weight guy, Matus Valent who is also a fitness model and close friend of mine. James Spraggins, Mr. Los Angeles 2010 was also present who is the owner of OC Fitness in Orange. Clients won cool prizes such as an Ipod and $75 gift card to my favorite restaurant Ruth Chris. I saw some of the funkiest dancing I have ever seen and I wish I had a video camera to record it to share with you. All in all it was an amazing night and am glad we all came together to celebrate. You guys sure know how to party!


I only have a few pictures here but to check out our whole night of excitement check out my photo album on my Facebook here —> NO LIMIT PARTY PICTURES

At the end of the day, my final thoughts…

Here’s the thing, most of us take life, exercise and weight loss way to seriously and we stress over the number on the scale night in and night out that we lose site of everything else. At the end of they day you are stronger, healthier, have better eating habits, adding years to your life and getting a million other benefits. Sometimes the number might stick, yes we all go through it…it’s normal!

You can call me crazy but I honestly believe YOU GET WHAT YOU EXPECT, if you believe in yourself, set goals, see yourself where you want to be, act as if you’re already there and take MASSIVE action…you will get there. If you stay consistent and NEVER give up, no matter how long it takes you WILL make it happen. Stop focusing on the negative and what you don’t have and be thankful for what you do have…your health! Some people can’t walk, they are in a wheelchair, have cancer or have major problems and have a better outlook on life than some of us who think our life is coming to an end because we didn’t lose weight this week. Stay positive, surround yourself with positive people and people you want to be like and work hard and be grateful. It’s that simple! The big scary looking dude in the picture with me below has helped build by business from the ground up. Ya he looks scary and looks like he eats babies lol but he is actually one of the smartest, coolest and most generous dudes I know and I am blessed to have a mentor/friend like him in my life.

I know how hard it is to stay consistent, eat right, get up super early to workout and pass up alcohol at times. We don’t expect our clients to be perfect, but we do have some of the hardest working clients around and I’m not just saying that because it’s our program. If you don’t believe me, come down and try it out.

If you are a client and reading this… THANK YOU. Thank you for believing in us, thank you for being in our program, for working hard, for putting up with us at times when we make you do crazy things and you want to strangle us, and for being AWESOME! I APPRECIATE YOU!


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