6 Ways Exercise Can Overcome Depression


Exercise and DepressionDuring cooler winter months, with have fewer hours of daylight, many people struggle to find the time or energy to exercise, and some may experience some form of depression. While severe cases are often treated with medication or therapy, others can be mitigated with natural remedies such as movement and exercise.


Since we’re passionate about fitness, let’s take a look at 6 ways that exercise can overcome depression and leave you feeling fully charged and ready to face all that life has to give!


#1: Exercise can overcome depression with action – Release the Endorphins!


Perhaps one of the most recognized signs of depression is inactivity – depressed people often have very little energy, feel lethargic, and have difficulty simply getting going. When you exercise, however, your body releases endorphins that may help you experience improved mood, more energy, and overall positive feelings.


#2: Exercise (and its results) can help improve self-esteem.


Depressed people often have negative opinions or thoughts about themselves. Exercising and pursuing goals typically makes people have a higher level of self-esteem. And, when weight loss, muscle toning, or some other obvious result becomes apparent, their self-esteem is boosted even more.


#3: Exercise helps improve sleeping and eating habits.


If you’ve ever followed a fitness program for any significant length of time, you’ve probably noticed that you start to sleep easier and more soundly. In addition, many people report improved digestion and healthier eating habits when they regularly exercise. It’s no surprise, then, that exercise can be a great natural remedy to combat the sleep and eating disturbances that often occur with depression.


#4: Exercise can overcome depression with FUN.


One of the hallmark symptoms of depression is anhedonia, or the inability to experience pleasure with activities that would normally be enjoyable. The natural ‘high’ that comes from exercise can overcome depression with feelings of joy, especially once a routine has been established and the initial task of learning the exercise has been accomplished.


#5: Group exercise provides social support.


It’s difficult to feel unmotivated and inactive when you’re surrounded by positive, active individuals who are committed to pursuing their health and fitness goals. When you take part in group fitness classes, you’ll get encouragement from others as well as the accountability you need to keep forging ahead even when life throws you curveballs.


#6: Exercise can overcome depression with a positive mindset shift.


Often, people who are depressed have self-limiting thoughts and behaviors that stem from a poor self-esteem or a negative mindset. When you exercise under the guidance of a personal trainer, however, that individual can help you overcome these limiting beliefs. You’ll learn how to replace those thoughts with a positive new inner dialogue that builds you up instead of breaking you down. Think of your personal trainer as your very own cheerleader!


Need help finding the best exercise to overcome depression?


No Limit Personal Training offers a variety of health and fitness programs to meet your needs, regardless of your specific mental or physical state. From private nutrition coaching to personal training, group fitness classes, and more, we help you take your health and fitness to the next level and maximize performance.


Simply contact us today to explore your options and see how we can be your partner in health!


*Disclaimer: Exercise is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment of depression. If you feel as though you are suffering from depression, please contact your doctor immediately for help.

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