How to Keep Health and Fitness Goals Top of Mind While Working



Has the way you’re pursuing your health and fitness goals changed in the last year? For many Americans, the answer to this question is “yes”, mostly because of the pandemic and how it affected work schedules.


Maybe you were accustomed to using the corporate gym at your workplace. It was so easy to scoot in and get a workout done before, during, or after work. Then, the pandemic hit, and your company shifted to a remote working environment … Bye bye corporate gym!


On the other hand, maybe your job location never changed. But, you were accustomed to taking advantage of group fitness classes and instruction at your local gym on the way to or from work. Then, the gym closed or had limited hours due to COVID-19 restrictions and/or new cleaning protocols.


Or, perhaps you loved working remotely … the lack of a commute provided extra time for your workout at home. Now that you’re working back at the office, how will you actively pursue those health and fitness goals with less time to do it?


5 Ways to Pursue Your Health and Fitness Goals While Working

Regardless of where and how you’re working, your health is a critical component for your overall success, both at work and at home. Don’t let your health and fitness goals fall by the wayside. Instead, use these helpful tips to keep them front and center.


  1. Start small. Pick one thing that you will do daily before starting your workday. It might be planning your meals for the day, stretching for 15 minutes, or taking a short walk. Keep it small and attainable so you will stick to it and stay motivated.
  2. Plan multiple workout sessions. If returning to work at the office means you no longer have one large chunk of time available for your fitness routine, split your workout into smaller time segments. Maybe start the day with a quick run for some cardio and then do strength training at your local gym on the way home from work.
  3. Revisit your why. The only way you’ll actually achieve your health and fitness goals is if you have a strong enough reason for doing what it takes to get there. Dig deep and get connected to exactly what will motivate you to change!
  4. Schedule your workouts. Put your workout time on your work calendar or set reminders on your phone. When you have a designated time or space for exercise, you’ll be less likely to let work take its place.
  5. Look for accountability and support. Do you have a co-worker who could join you for your lunchtime walk? How about a personal trainer who can help you with your individual health and fitness goals? Support and accountability from others could be exactly what you need to keep you focused on getting RESULTS!


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