8 Easy Health and Fitness Tips to Practice Every Day


Health and Fitness Tips

Health and fitness tips are easy to find these days, thanks in part to the media and a host of internet resources. But, are these words of wisdom easy to put into practice?


The bottom line is that some are and some aren’t. Regardless of what your end goal is, however, there are some things that can simply apply to everyone. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle, lose fat, or just improve your health, here are 8 health and fitness tips you can put into practice today …


#1: Make a list of quick exercises you can fit into your day


Pursuing your health and fitness goals doesn’t have to take a lot of time if you plan ahead. You may wish to complete a full workout routine at your local gym several times a week, but you can do shorter bouts of exercise every day.


Make a list of 10 exercises that are quick and easy to do. Then, commit to completing at least three from the list each day.


#2: Compile your favorite healthy recipes


One of the most important pieces of health and fitness is eating healthy and nutritious food the majority of the time. But, if you don’t have healthy meals picked out ahead of time, you may be tempted to reach for less nutritious snacks.


Do yourself a favor and learn a variety of healthy recipes. And, if you’re working with a nutrition coach, he or she can help you find some that specifically address your unique goals.


#3: Incorporate exercise into your everyday life


If there are days when your schedule is simply too full to fit in a regular exercise routine, try to incorporate more movement into what you’re already doing. For example, you can park all the way across the parking lot from the store entrance when you go to get groceries. Or, you can take the stairs at work instead of the elevator.


#4: Get accountability from friends or a health coach


This is perhaps one of our favorite health and fitness tips because we know how fun it can be when you’re working with someone instead of all alone. If you don’t already have an accountability partner to help keep you on track, why not join a group fitness class at your local gym? Or, if working out with others isn’t your thing, personal training can be a great way to get one-on-one attention and personalized instruction for your goals.


#5: Prioritize sleep


Whether you’re mentally stressed from a long day at work, or physically worn out from a difficult workout, your body needs rest. Making sure you get enough sleep each night can help you reduce stress, recharge your body, and be better equipped to pursue your health and fitness goals.


#6: Sign up for group training classes


We’ve already mentioned that one of the benefits of group fitness classes is accountability, but there’s more to it than that. Group training also enables you to see the progress that others make and can be the inspiration you need to stay motivated yourself. It’s also a great way to make getting fit FUN!


#7: Drink enough water


Even though this may be one of the most common health and fitness tips you hear, it’s advice that’s not always heeded. Staying hydrated every day is important for your health and also for being able to maintain a healthy weight. But, many people neglect their water intake when they’re not exercising or when the cooler winter temperatures arrive and they don’t feel as thirsty as they do in the summer.


#8: Document your health and fitness journey with photos


Remember the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words?” It’s especially true with health and fitness because your journey will likely be made up of small changes made over time. Those changes can lead to big results, but they may not be obvious right away. Taking pictures of yourself along the way can help you celebrate how far you’ve come.


Need more health and fitness tips?


At No Limit Personal Training, we offer a variety of individual and group fitness programs to help you succeed at becoming the best version of yourself possible. We’re committed to leaving you better off than you were before, and we have an amazing community of members to support you along your journey. Simply contact us today to learn more or to get started!



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